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Epcot’s World Showcase offers so many great options for a quick service meal. Blogorail Green is sharing their reviews of each pavilion to help you plan where you would like to grab a bite and, most importantly, which snacks to try.

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Enjoying the Flavors of Japan at Epcot – Review of Katsura with The Disney Chef


“At Epcot, the cuisine of 11 different countries is all right around the corner… But for my money, the best of the best can be found in Japan. Yummy food, wonderful ambiance, exceptional value all make for the perfect counter-service experience!” – Jerusha

Photo Credit: The Disney Chef

Fun facts!

  • Along the shoreline of Epcot World Showcase Lgoon, a bright red torii gate, patterned after one in Itsukushima, welcomes visitors. A plaque inscribed in calligraphy proclaims “Japan.”
  • Inside the Shishinden, guests can browse through the world-famous Mitsukoshi Department Store, which offers everything from ornate kimonos, vibrant-colored robes designed after the traditional Japanese dress, to Japanese toys and dolls, bonsai trees and authentic Mikimoto pearl jewelry.
  • Beautiful lacquered screens and traditional decorated alcoves — tokonoma — set a mood for each room.
  • The massive wood and stone Nijo entry castle with its huge sculptures of mounted samurai warriors beckons guests through the courtyard.

A Taste of Paris – Visiting EPCOT’s France Pavilion with Dad for Disney


“Take a trip to Paris without ever leaving EPCOT and enjoy all of the food and drink that pavilion has to offer.” – Tim

France Pavilion

Did you know?

The France pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot reflects the ambiance of France between 1870 and 1910, a period known as La Belle Epoque, or “the beautiful time.” This was an energetic period of art and literature, grand exhibitions, inventions and science, and a time when a spectrum of styles formed the character of Paris boulevards and architecture.

3 Reasons You Should Eat at Epcot’s American Pavilion with Superheroes and Teacups


“The American Pavilion at Epcot isn’t the most popular pavilion for dining in World Showcase, but it is a great place for a simple quick service meal.” – Cindy

Photo Credit: Capturing Magical Memories

Re-Discovering America: Family Treasures from the Kinsey Collection

The exhibit – themed to hope, belief, courage, imagination and heritage – provides optimistic and empowering stories from American history from voices that are not commonly seen or heard. Art and artifacts pay homage to African-Americans who helped build and transform a nation. Their stories of determination and courage, from the nation’s early days to the present, are at the heart of the exhibit. You can view the exhibit inside the American Adventure. You can find more information at kinseycollection. com.

A Quick Bite in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion with Home is Where the Mouse Is


“The Mexico Pavilion is perfectly placed to grab a lite snack as you start your journey around Epcot’s World Showcase.” – James & Lisa

Photo Credit: Home is Where the Mouse Is

Fun facts!

Mexico is represented by one of the dominant landmarks in Epcot — a huge building like a Mayan or Aztec pyramid overlooking the eastern shore of World Showcase.

Inside the Mexico pavilion, Walt Disney World guests find a moonlit plaza surrounded by tile-roofed shops and one of Mexico City’s most famous restaurants, San Angel Inn.

The pavilion also features a festive and colorful celebration of the beauty and culture of Mexico that is fun for guests of all ages. “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros” is an excursion by tour boat through the vibrant, eye-filling sights and lively music of Mexico.

A second pyramid, weathered and wrapped with jungle vines, overlooks the waterside restaurant and plaza of a typical Mexican pueblo inside the pavilion.

Quick Service Dining in the United Kingdom Pavilion with Running on Disney


“If you are looking for a quick, simple, and traditional meal then The Yorkshire County Fish Shop has you covered. Find out why UK’s fish shop is one of the best places to eat in the World Showcase.” – Genevieve and Beth

Fish and Chips - UK Pavilion - Running on Disney

Photo Credit: Running on Disney

Fun facts!

Disney Imagineers spent three years researching pictures and books and visiting favorite historic sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Lamp posts, signs, chimneys, street furniture and even bright red English telephone booths provide World Showcase visitors with the atmosphere that makes the United Kingdom so popular with world travelers.

Buildings range from London Victorian to Yorkshire Manor, Tudor to Georgian, Hyde-Park and Regency to a Shakespearean cottage. There’s even strolling entertainment and street performers.

Before leaving the United Kingdom for another World Showcase adventure, visitors can browse in the Toy Soldier toy shop; the Crown & Crest for chess sets, pub items and tartans; and Historical Research Center for family crest items.

Little Known Canadian Treats with Capturing Magical Memories


“The Canada pavilion is often overlooked when looking for snacks as you travel around world showcase. But if you know where to look you can find a couple of hidden gems. One you can’t get anywhere else in the United States.” – Mary

Epcot-Canada-Pavilion - Capturing Magical Memories

Photo Credit: Capturing Magical Memories

Fun facts!

  • The Canada pavilion is a mixture of rustic Native Indian villages, an ornate French-flavored chateau, the Scottish influence of the Maritimes and the ruggedness of the Canadian Rockies.
  • It combines authentic architectural designs, and features 30-foot totem poles which mark the Native Indian village where a log cabin and its nearby northwest trading post carry out the northwoods theme. Gift shops display authentic Canadian crafts, boutique items and a Roots clothing store.
  • The flowered pathway leads into a mountain canyon where a 30-foot waterfall cascades into a rushing stream. Rocky, pine-studded slopes surround the shaft opening to Maple Leaf Mine, the entrance to the theater.
  • “O Canada” is a splendid visual tour of Canada’s scenic wonders. The CircleVision 360 film is a motion picture technique that surrounds viewers with Canadian snow geese by the thousands on an autumn stopover near the St. Lawrence River; a chuckwagon race in the Calgary Stampede (filmed from the buckboard); pine-covered mountains at Banff National Park; reindeer in the Northwest Territories; Toronto’s CN Tower; and the northern midnight sun.

Fast Eats (and Drinks) at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion with What’s the Point?


“Brats, frankfurters, pretzels and beer…who could ask for anything more? If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up in the World Showcase, I’ll explain why Epcot’s Germany Pavilion is the perfect place to pick up a quick meal or snack.” – Rosanne

Germany Pavilion

Did you know?

Building styles represent different periods and

Germany Pavilion - WDW News

Photo Credit: WDW News

locales in the Germany pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot, but rely heavily on the romantic, fairy-tale architecture of Germany. The atmosphere of a biergarten is derived from the 16th century town of Rothenberg. The Platz (plaza) includes a dynamic sculpture of St. George and the Dragon.

World Showcase Quick Service Review – Morocco Pavilion with Magical Mickey Tips


“Tangierine Cafe is an open air cafe that offers traditional mediterranean foods. Step out of your traditional comfort food zone and take this opportunity to try something new. This pavilion offers some of the best non theme park food at Disney.” – Patricia

Morocco Pavilion

Moroccan Architecture

Across a wide promenade, the Koutoubia Minaret (a detailed replica of a famous prayer tower in Marrakesh)

Morocco Pavilion - Magical Mickey Tips

Photo Credit: Magical Mickey Tips

stands guard over the entrance to the Morocco pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot. In the center of the rectangular courtyard is an ornate fountain lined with thousands of multi-colored tiles. Like most Moroccan cities, the showcase is divided into two sections, the Ville Nouvelle (new city) and the Medina (old city).

Traditional Treats in the Norway Pavilion with Rolling with the Magic


“Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and the Norway Pavilion have always been one of our favorites. Find out what kind of traditional treats you can find and which ones you should definitely try!” – Melissa

School Bread - Norway Pavilion

Photo Credit: Rolling with the Magic

Frozen Fun

Norway Pavilion - WDW News

Photo Credit: WDW News

The Norway Pavilion is a Norwegian-themed pavilion along World Showcase promenade at Epcot. The Norway Pavilion is home to the Frozen Ever After attraction, a boat ride that takes guests to Arendelle; Royal Sommerhus, the meet and greet location for Anna and Elsa from “Frozen;” Stave Church, an exhibit on Norwegian culture; and Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, a Disney Character dining experience; and more. (David Roark, photographer)

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Around the World - World Showcase Quick Service Reviews - The Blogorail

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