Disney Ride Secrets

Disney Ride Secrets

Find out more about some of your favorite Disney attractions. Blogorail Red explores their history, architecture, and the best spots to sit.

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Disney Ride Secrets: it’s a small world
with Frontierland Station


“Since it’s debut at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the it’s a small world attraction has delighted guests of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the history and trivia which make this attraction so special.” – Kimberly


10 Ride Secrets of Disney’s Haunted Mansion
with Adventureland Pam


“There is a lot of history behind the creation of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, which means there were lots of secrets to discover. Here are 10 fun ride secrets that I found out about this beloved classic Disney ride.” – Pam


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
with Cool Nouns

Lee Beatens - Headshot Cool Nouns“Every ride has a ‘sweat spot’ where everyone wants to sit. Especially roller coasters! Where should you sit on Big Thunder Mountain?” – Lee

Excerpt from A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World Vol 1: “An Architecture Lesson from Pirates of the Caribbean” with Distalgic


“Ever wonder how accurate some of your favorite attractions are to REAL history? This week, historian Andrew Kiste takes a look at the historical architectural accuracy of Pirates of the Caribbean, and you may be surprised to learn about the intense level of detail that went into this favorite Walt Disney World attraction.” – Andrew

Things You May Not Know About Splash Mountain with Disney in Your Day


“Some fun facts and hidden secrets about Splash Mountain, one of the most popular Disney attractions!” – Becky

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