Is It Worth It?

Are Disney Vacation extras worth the cost? The Blogorail answers the question, is it worth it?

When planning a Disney vacation, one question seems to be asked more that others. Is it worth it? Blogorail Orange is helping you decide which extras are worth the cost.

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5 Reasons Why a Tour at
Walt Disney World is Worth Your Money

with Heidi’s Head


“Should you spend the extra money to take a tour at Walt Disney World? It depends. Tours aren’t for everyone. But, here are five reasons why I think you should consider it.” – Heidi




Photo Credit: Heidi’s Head

Is it Worth it to Stay at a Disneyland Resort Hotel vs Off-Site?
with Saving Up for Disney


“Considering a stay at the Disneyland Resort Hotel vs Off-Site lodging? Find out if the cost, benefits and time are worth staying in the “Disney bubble”.” – Julie




Photo Credit: Saving Up for Disney

Character Dining: Is It Worth It?
with Frontierland Station


“While character dining is a lot of fun, it can also be some of the most expensive meals you’ll have at Walt Disney World. Is it worth it?” – Kimberly


Park Hopper Tickets
with Cool Nouns


Lea Beatens - Cool Nouns“A Park Hopper add-on to your admission ticket is and isn’t a good idea. It depends on one key factor. Join me to find out what it is!” – Lee

MagicBands - WDW News

Photo Credit: WDW News

The Disney Dining Plan: Is It Worth It?
with Distalgic


“Guests visiting Walt Disney World often plan their vacations to try to squeeze as much fun into their week as possible. However, this often means that meals become a spontaneous experience. This doesn’t need to be the case, however! The Disney Dining Plan offers flexibility and allows you to make your meals a memorable part of the vacation experience. But with the high price of the Dining Plan, is it really worth the money???” – Andrew

Photo Credit: Distalgic

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Now tell us what you think! Do you find these extras to be worth the cost?

Are Disney Vacation extras worth the cost? The Blogorail answers the question, is it worth it?

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