Best Disney Queues

Best Disney Queues

Waiting in line for an attraction at the Disney Parks could be boring. Thankfully, the queues are themed too and become part of the story. Find out which queues Blogorail Green considers the best.

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A River Fantasy from the Jungle Navigation Company
with Distalgic


“One of my favorite attractions is the Jungle Cruise! But the experience doesn’t begin when you step aboard a skipper’s boat: you are immersed in the story as soon as you approach the queue building! Take a few moments to examine the historical context and rich detail of the Jungle Cruise queue from the perch of a pachyderm.” – Andrew

Photo Credit: Distalgic

Waiting in Line at Disney’s Haunted Mansion
is Ghoulishly Fun

with Magical Mickey Tips


“Are you brave enough to wait for your Doom Buggy? Disney’s Haunted Mansion gives guests a spooky start. Find out why it remains one of my favorite attraction queues.” – Patricia

Photo Credit: Magical Mickey Tips

At Dumbo, Waiting to Ride is Part of the Fun
with What’s the Point?

“As a child, I can remember waiting in the brutal Florida sun for a quick spin on Dumbo. Learn how Disney vastly improved Dumbo’s wait, and made the wait time part of the fun.” – Rosanne

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Adventurer Kids | Disney Queues
with Adventurer Mom


“Adventurer Kids rate their all time favorite Disney Queues- they’re not just a line, they’re an attraction in their own right!” – Lori

Star Tours Disney's Hollywood Studios

A Closer Look at the Amazing Toy Story Mania Queue
with Superheroes and Teacups


“The queue for Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios takes you right into Andy’s room. It is an experience not to be missed.” – Cindy

Photo Credit: Superheroes and Teacups

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Best Disney Queues - The Blogorail

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