Best Disney Attraction Ride Vehicles

Best Attraction Ride Vehicles - The Blogorail

Blogorail Black is sharing their favorite Disney ride vehicles and what makes them so special. Did your favorite make the list? Welcome aboard!

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1st Stop: Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy with Frontierland Station

Kimberly - Frontierland Station“When Disney needed an efficient way to guide guests through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction, they turned to a ride system which had previously proven itself on Adventure Through Space. The Haunted Mansion’s onmimover vehicles, called Doom Buggies, are the perfect ride vehicle for directing guests’ attention throughout the attraction and enhancing the eeriness of the Haunted Mansion.” – Kimberly

photo credit: DSC07429_DxO-2 via photopin (license)


2nd Stop: Space Mountain Rocket Trains with What’s the Point?

Rosanne - What's the Point?“Attention space travelers: welcome aboard your Space Mountain rocket train. Very few guests forget their first trip on Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort, and I’ll explain why these rockets are unique.” – Rosanne

Space Mountain

3rd Stop:
The Autopia Cars with The Mousekatools Mom

Michaelyn - Mousekatools Mom“Disneyland’s Autopia cars have the best ride vehicles in the park because even if you’re not tall enough to see over the steering wheel, you get to drive them!” – Michaelyn
Autopia - The Mousekatools Mom

Photo Credit: The Mousekatools Mom

4th Stop:
The Jungle Cruise Boats  with Adventureland Pam

Pam - Adventureland Pam“The reason why I think the Jungle Cruise has the best ride vehicles is because this attraction is one that can be enjoyed by all ages and capabilities because it has easy going boats that carry you through the water and also around the “backside” of the water.” – Pam

5th Stop:
PeopleMover  with Disney Nouns

Lee - Disney Nouns“Not only is it a sophisticated piece of technology, but also one of the most fun and romantic ride vehicles at Walt Disney World. Please be seated for your tour of Tomorrowland!” – Lee
PeopleMover - Disney Nouns

Photo Credit: Disney Nouns


Thank you for hopping aboard The Blogorail!

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Now tell us what you think! Which Disney attraction ride vehicle is your favorite?

Best Attraction Ride Vehicles - The Blogorail

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