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Attraction Guide - Soarin'

Soarin’ Around the World, at Epcot and Disney California Adventure Park, takes you on a globetrotting adventure. The 80-foot projection dome takes you on a simulated flight that mimics the motion of a hang glider. Find out what you need to know before take off.

“Guests don’t just see these gorgeous landscapes with their eyes. They use all their senses to feel, smell and hear the world through this thrilling immersive experience that could only be created by Disney.”

We thought Soarin’ was great before, but the new Soarin’ Around the World literally blew me away! Being able to see things that I’ll probably never see in real life – such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal – makes the attraction all the more amazing. I could ride it over and over again.

Soarin' Around the World

Photo Credit: WDW News

There are three gliders (ride vehicles) and each has three rows of seating. The best is from the front row so you are close to the screen and you don’t have dangling feet in front of you. Keep in mind this will put you at the top when the attraction starts. You can ask a Cast Member to be seated in this row but you may have to wait a bit.


soarin’ around the world takes flight (photo credit: WDW News)

As the ride begins the lights will be turned off and you glider will lift swiftly into position. At this point the screen will turn on and your flight will begin. You will be take through banks and turns. Experience the wind rushing through your hair and even some smells that reflect the scenery. It is a breathtaking ride.

A new version of the attraction, Soarin’ Around the World debuted in 2016 and now takes and now has scenes from Sydney, Australia, the Great Wall of China and other destinations around the globe.

Photo Credit: Disneyland News

The finale is different depending on which park you experience the attraction. You can find Soarin’ inside the Land Pavilion at Epcot and in Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure Park. Soarin’ Around the World is also enhanced by its majestic musical score, composed by Bruce Broughton, based on the original Soarin’ score by the late film and television composer Jerry Goldsmith, and performed by the London Studio Orchestra.

Try to sit in the second section of the theatre. The new film technique causes the images to curve significantly from the sides resulting in a distorted image and can a slight sense of vertigo for those who experience motion sickness.



Soarin’ at Epcot and Disney California Adventure require wheelchair users to transfer to the ride vehicle to experience the attraction.

Height Requirement

Guests must be 40in (102cm) or taller.


You can schedule a FastPass+ at Walt Disney World, which is highly recommended. At California Adventure you can pick up a paper FastPass.

This new version was so realistic. My 5 year old shouted out in the middle of the presentation, “Too high! We’re going too high!” Keep in mind that even if kids meet the height requirement, skirmish little ones might be frightened.
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