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Melissa Knight

Rolling with the Magic


Certified Pilot Since: April 2011


Founder and author of Rolling with the Magic, a site that helps wheelchair users navigate the Disney Parks and Captain and Manager for The Blogorail.

Melissa visits Walt Disney World several times a year, can’t wait to get back to Disneyland in California, and is ready to sail with the Disney Cruise Line again soon. A Disney fan from a young age, she loves to write about Disney from the perspective of a wheelchair user and show that the Disney Parks really are for everyone.

Headshot - Mary Connor - Capturing Magical MemoriesMary Connor
Capturing Magical Memories

Certified Pilot Since: Apr 2011


Founder and author of Capturing Magical Memories, a site for managing life and creating family memories through scrapbooking, crafting & travel, and Social Media Director for the Blogorail.

Mary is lifelong Disney fan who is rumored to be a souvenir from a 1972 trip. She visited several times as a child but it wasn’t until she met her husband that her love reignited.  In 1996 she began scrapbooking her life and now wants to inspire others to also capture their memories in albums.

Andrew Kiste - DistalgicAndrew Kiste

Certified Pilot Since: November 2016


Andrew is a husband, father, high school history teacher, and an author. He has very fond memories of visiting Walt Disney World growing up and has a passion of sharing his memories with others through shared nostalgia and a love for Disney stories!

He is also the author of A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World,” Volumes 1 and 2, which explain the historical context behind some of Walt Disney World’s most popular attractions.

Becca Robins
Love Our Crazy Life

Certified Pilot Since: Mar 2014


Founder and content creator at Love Our Crazy Life, Becca writes about family adventures at home and away. From activities and crafts to travel tips and reviews, she believes in embracing all the craziness in life and making magical memories.

Becca and her husband have 3 boys (age 7 and two-year-old twins). Becca enjoys photography, hiking, pretending to be crafty, and planning and enjoying vacations to Disneyland and other family destinations.

HeadShot - Becky Ginther - Disney In Your DayBecky Ginther
Disney In Your Day

Certified Pilot Since: June 2016


Becky is the creator and writer of the blog Disney in your Day, where she tries to put a little bit of Disney into your every day life! She visits Disney World several times a year and while she loves everything Disney, she particularly enjoys going to the parks for the food and RunDisney events. She also works as a part-time travel agent specializing in Disney.

When she isn’t doing something Disney related, Becky works as a children’s librarian. Her other hobbies include theater, running, reading, and being way too busy all the time.

Headshot - Beth and Genevieve - Running With DisneyBeth & Genevieve
Running On Disney

Certified Pilot Since: July 2016


Beth and Genevieve are favorite cousins, annual pass holders, and co authors of the website Running on Disney. The duo took their first trip to Walt Disney World together in 1991 and have been obsessed ever since.

When they aren’t busy planning their next trip to Walt Disney World, Beth and Gen can be found running, trying new recipes, writing about their Disney adventures and trying to trick their husbands into wearing matching shirts.

Camille Kimble-Wall
Sparks of Magic

Certified Pilot Since: Mar 2014


Camille is a Magic Maker at heart. She’s a wife of almost two decades, and mama to five amazing humans – 3 teenage girls and 2 tween boys. She is a brand strategist & leadership consultant at ElliMacMagic.com, lifestyle blogger at SparksofMagic.com, and MBA graduate student. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA – with Disneyland in her backyard – she is currently (sadly) living six hours away from the magic in Lodi wine country. Their family travels are often to Disneyland Resort, and they are embarking on more day trips and staycations.

Camille has a background in retail, management, design and merchandise marketing. She is a former cast member, part of the opening management team for Disney Baby in Glendale, CA and currently works with Disney Imagineering’s Mickey’s of Glendale store for the Disney D23 Expo. Camille hopes to return permanently to The Walt Disney Company upon completing her MBA in Organizational Leadership.

Carrie Hurst
My Favorite Finds

Certified Pilot Since: April 2016


Carrie is a born and bred Ohio girl, who loves anything Disney. She has set sail on Disney Cruise Line several times, and has been to the Disney Park so many times, she has lost count! She loves to share joy and pixie dust on her blog, My Favorite Finds. Minnie Mouse is her favorite, and no Disney trip is complete without a visit to ‘Ohana!

Headshot - Cindy Howell - Superheroes and TeacupsCindy Howell
Monorails and Magic

Certified Pilot Since: Sep 2014


Cindy is a stay-at-home mom and lives in Maryland with her husband and twin boys. As a former elementary school teacher, she started her website “Superheroes and Teacups” to try to help other moms through educational activities, printables, and more.

Cindy visited Walt Disney World with her parents throughout her high school and college years and loved every minute she spent in the parks, but she gave up visits once she became an adult. Cindy took her husband and sons on their first family trip to Walt Disney World in 2013 and her love for the parks was reignited. She spends every spare minute dreaming of and planning for their next trip. She shares her love of all things Disney on her website “Monorails and Magic.”

Dawn Cullo
I Am a Mommy Nerd

Certified Pilot Since: Aug 2013


Dawn lives in Sacramento, CA just a few hours away from San Francisco with her husband and their two daughters. Dawn has introduced the magic of Disney to her daughters, and instills in them that if they can dream it, they can do it.

She has been blogging since 2004 and writes about her experiences of being a mom, her love of Disney, and tips for working from home as a Virtual Assistant. Dawn first visited Disneyland in 1977 at the age of 4 and was hooked! She has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World many times since then.

Didi Marie
Post 50 Rx

Certified Pilot Since: Aug 2012


I am a wife of a restaurateur, mother of 2 Spectrum kids, and physical therapist who sees the WORLD with a special point of view.

A Goofy fan since our encounter at the 1964 World’s Fair, my family made its first excursion to Walt Disney World in 1972, and has had a Disney Park (Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris) as a backdrop to every major life event since.

Headshot - Heidi Strawser - Heidi's HeadHeidi Strawser
Heidi’s Head

Certified Pilot Since: May 2011


Founder and author of Heidi’s Head blog, where you can stop by at any time to find out what’s going on in Heidi’s head!

Most days, you’ll find that she’s thinking thoughts of her happy place – Walt Disney World! In addition to serving as Co-Captain and Blogger Coordinator here at The Blogorail, Heidi also homeschools her children and loves traveling to homeschool conventions around the country to meet and minister to homeschool families.

Headshot - James and Lisa Cameron - Home is Where the Mouse IsJames and Lisa Cameron
Adventures in Familyhood

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2014

They are parents, raising two adorable children in New York. They are the co-authors of the website “Adventures in Familyhood” where they share their Disney experiences and ways to incorporate Disney magic into their daily lives.

They love visiting Walt Disney World and joined DVC in 2007. They’ve also been on a couple of Disney cruises and can’t wait to do another. Someday, they will get out west to Disneyland, and perhaps some of the other parks around the world.

Headshot - Jennifer Kaufman - For the Love of DisneyJennifer Kaufman
The Delightful Life

Certified Pilot Since: Aug 2014

Jennifer is a stay-at-home-mom to three young Disney fans. She and her husband have been traveling to Walt Disney World as often as possible (twice yearly, on average) since honeymooning there in 2004; they have also enjoyed a few Disney cruises and west coast trips to Disneyland.

She has a ridiculously ambitious Disney Bucket List, and spends all of her spare time (or, rather, time she scrounges up) doing Disney stuff – planning parties, listening to or appearing on podcasts, and reading anything Disney-related she can get her hands on, whether travel related or about Disney history and the Disney company.

Headshot - Jerusha Tarbox - The Disney ChefJerusha Tarbox
The Disney Chef

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2015

Jerusha has a passion for all things Disney and a fondness for food. In 2011, she combined her two loves into one website, The Disney Chef.

By re-creating Disney dishes at home, it helps her relive the magic of Walt Disney World from her home in rural New Hampshire. Along for the culinary adventure is her equally Disney-obsessed husband, her son (who’s madly in love with Elsa), and her two stepsons, both of whom aspire to grow up and join Baymax’s crime fighting adventures.

Headshot - Julie Bigboy - Saving Up for DisneyJulie Bigboy
Mom Rewritten

Certified Pilot Since: Sep 2014

Julie is the founder and author of the website Mom Rewritten. Julie’s Disney roots run deep. Her father went to Disneyland the first year it opened and he instilled a joy of all things Disney into her from a young age. Julie grew up going to Disneyland several times a year with family and has continued the tradition with her own family.

Headshot - Kimberly - Frontierland StationKimberly Baker
Frontierland Station

Certified Pilot Since: January 2014

Loves Disney history, trivia, & going to Walt Disney World. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was 5 years old. Her favorite attractions are Tower of Terror & Splash Mountain. Whether at home or at the parks, she is always searching for hidden Mickeys.

Headshot - Kimberly Kahl - Magical Memories with the MouseKimberly Kahl
Magical Memories with the Mouse

Certified Pilot Since: July 2015

Kimberly loves to travel which is a great thing because she does a lot of it. She’s been to 48 of the 50 United States, numerous countries, and several continents – even Africa. A self-proclaimed Disney addict, Kimberly includes visits to Disney Parks on a regular basis. She averages four trips to Disneyland, one or two trips to Walt Disney World, and one Disney cruise per year. She loves all the use she gets out of her DVC membership, which she’s had since 2006. Rounding out her Disney passion, she has completed five runDisney races.

In May, 2014, Kimberly decided to write about what she’s learned in all her travels creating Magical Memories with the Mouse sharing travel ideas, tips, and tricks to make travel easier and less expensive and ways to make magical memories close to home.

Headshot - Lee Beatens - Disney NounsLee Beatens
Cool Nouns

Certified Pilot Since: Feb 2014

Longtime Disney enthusiast and Disneyana collector. Some might remember him from his old blog called Disleelandia (2009-2013) or Disney Nouns (2014-2016), but now he posts on his new blog called Cool Nouns (2017-present).

Lee covers the people, places, and things that contribute to creating the Disney magic we all enjoy so much! From time to time, he also reviews DVD’s, books, and Apps supplied by the various branches of the Disney company.

Headshot - Leslie Harvey - Trips with TykesLeslie Harvey
Trips with Tykes

Certified Pilot Since: Mar 2015

Leslie is the founder of the family travel blog Trips With Tykes. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two kids (daughter age 6 and son age 1), and includes Disney destinations in her family’s travel plans often. Leslie has visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Aulani, and her family has plans to visit every other Disney destination in the next few years!

Leslie’s blog, Trips With Tykes, is a site devoted to simplifying the logistics of traveling with young kids. Her travel motto is that everything from air travel to road trips to Disney vacations can be mastered with a little knowledge of the rules and good planning. In addition to being a huge Disney fan, Leslie’s other travel passion is maximizing frequent flyer miles. She loves doing all her travels, including Disney, on the cheap by earning and spending miles and points.

Lin Leffel
Disney Mamas

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2014

Can be summed up in three simple words…God, Family, Disney. A Disney fan from birth, she has made more than two dozen pilgrimages to her second home. Currently she resides 1,162 miles from the World near Dallas, TX.

Her usually willing, lifelong travel partner & husband is Chris, who’s Disney fandom is growing with every trip. Together they are raising two Disney-nuts-in-training: Connor and Logan. Connor’s passion of the moment is playing Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. Logan just wants to share your snack and ride it’s a small world.

Besides moming and blogging, Lin is also a high school theatre teacher by day and Disney and Universal travel agent by night.

Headshot - Lori Ketcherside - Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere
Lori Ketcherside
Adventurer Mom

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2014

Christian, wife, mother of two, Castaway, vegan, princess, Texan, allergy expert in training, bookworm, half marathoner, terrible though enthusiastic photographer, blogger, budding homeschooler, volunteer, and all around pixie dust nut who loves celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, adult only escapes, family Thanksgivings, paid off home mortgages, reunions and even Tuesdays with a cruise! (No, you don’t need an excuse! Cruising is perfect any time.)

Headshot - Lynn Wiltse - My Pixie Dust DiaryLynn Wiltse
My Pixie Dust Diary & Always Moving Mommy

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2014

Proud mommy of two pirates and a princess blogger and total Disney fan who is always planning a trip to see The Mouse and Friends.

Being the local Disney expert keeps her busy helping others plan their trips too. Seeing other people enjoy their vacations warms Lynn’s heart.

Headshot - Michaelyn Pouncey - MousekatoolsMichaelyn Pouncey

Certified Pilot Since: May 2015,/h4>

Michaelyn is a displaced Disneyland lover living in Northern California with her husband and 4 little Disney addicts. She was born and raised in SoCal with Disneyland being her second home.

Michaelyn is the owner of The Mousekatools Mom blog where she talks about everything through Disney colored glasses. While Disneyland is her “home,” thanks to a recent trip, Michaelyn has grown to love everything Walt Disney World and hopes to return in the near future.

Headshot - Mike Ellis - My Dreams of DisneyMike Ellis
My Dreams of Disney

Certified Pilot Since: Feb 2011

A husband, a father, and a Christian. His blog, My Dreams of Disney, started as a way for him to document the memories he had of his trips to Walt Disney World as he was growing up, but has blossomed into a site that helps people all over the world plan their Disney World vacations. While the site is primarily Disney focused, Mike has also expanded the site to include a weekly Prayers for the Week post, and it is perhaps that small ministry that is the most important part of his site.

Mike is also a part-time travel agent, and loves to help other people plan the best Disney vacation they and their families can have. Mike has been a writer on the Magical Blogorail since February, 2011.

Naomi headhotNaomi Maclaren
This Roller Coaster Called Life

Certified Pilot Since: Feb 2015

Naomi is a homeschool mom of two, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. The whole family is addicted to Disney, and often, Disney is incorporated into the kids’ homeschooling. Naomi’s family loves to spend time at Disney, and it doesn’t matter whether it is Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or a cruise on Disney Cruise Line.

When Naomi is not working at the hospital or schooling with the kids, she spends her free time blogging at This Roller Coaster Called Life. Of course, there’s always that next Disney trip to plan and trips to take to local amusement parks here in Pennsylvania.

Headshot - Pam Ilosky - Adventureland PamPam Ilosky
Adventureland Pam

Certified Pilot Since: Jan 2015

Pam has been a Theme Park fanatic since her first visit to Disney World as a teenager. In fact,she loved being in the parks so much, she briefly worked as a Cast Member for both Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Walt Disney World.

Watching Bambi for the first time as a child inspired her to become an artist, It also started a love for of all things Disney. Even though Disney World is her first love, she started a blog called Adventureland Pam that is dedicated to sharing her adventures in all the major theme parks. She may currently live in Richmond, Virginia but her heart resides in Orlando, Florida; and she hopes to be able to move back there one day.

Headshot - Patricia Mickus - Magical Mickey TipsPatricia Mickus
Magical Mickey Tips

Certified Pilot Since: Feb 2015

Patricia is an avid fan of all things Disney. Her first trip to Walt Disney World was 40 years ago during their opening year. Since then, she has taken 30+ trips to Disney destinations, staying on value, moderate and deluxe Disney properties. She cherishes the family memories that have been made on each vacation. For years, Patricia has helped many friends and family members plan their trips. In 2014, she was honored to be selected to participate in the “Disney Social Media Moms Celebration – On The Road” conference in Philadelphia.

Patricia lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two sons. She enjoys traveling, cooking and skiing. Her favorite Disney attractions are the classics – Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Patricia works full time as a travel agent, specializing in Disney vacations.

Headshot - Rosanne Mottola - The Disney PointRosanne Mottola
What’s the Point

Certified Pilot Since: Sep 2012

Founder and author of The Disney Point, a Disney fan blog, and the Public Relations Administrator for The Blogorail.

Rosanne is lifelong Disney fan who traveled to Walt Disney World Resort annually as a child. However, her love for Disney grew as a college and graduate school student. At age 19, Rosanne participated in the Disney Parks and Resorts College Program in fall 2004, where she lived, learned and earned as an operations hostess at Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort.

Headshot - Sam Marriccini - Sam's Disney DiarySam
Sam’s Disney Diary

Certified Pilot Since: Apr 2015

Sam is a husband, father of 3 (elementary school, middle school and college, all at the same time), D23 Member, DVC Member (Boardwalk), Annual Pass Holder, Always “Tables in Wonderland” never a “Dining plan” – but willing to do the math – and just all around Disney Nerd.

The few pictures from his original trip have turned into thousands, all loaded with family memories. No matter the age, no matter who is with them (friends or family), they can always find a new adventure. That passion led him to create SamsDisneyDiary, which was originally just a way to share his Disney Stories via a video series and blog.

Sam can also be found on “The Disney Nerds Podcast”.

Headshot - Tim Brooks - Dad for DisneyTim Brooks
Dad for Disney

Certified Pilot Since: Aug 2014

Tim has been making trips to Walt Disney World since he was four years old. Now, he shares that Disney magic with his wife, Patty, and his daughter.

Tim is a stay-at-home father and is the founder and editor of the Dad For Disney blog which he started to share his Disney experiences with the world. He enjoys watching people from his favorite counter service restaurant, Contempo Cafe, and snacking around the world during EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Outside of Disney, Tim is very active golfing in the summer while curling (like seen in the Olympics) and coaching his daughter’s CYO basketball team. His curling teams have reached the finals in regional competitions and reached the quarterfinals of the prestigious City of Ottawa Bonspiel.